This might sound silly, but if someone could grant any wish you wanted using magic, what would you wish for? A common eigth grade student you can find anywhere. She cares about here friends, and has a kind heart.

Don't change. Stay as you are. Madoka Kaname. Forever. A girl who recently transferred to Madoka's middle school.

That was close wasn't it? But don't worry you're safe now. A ninth grade student ata Madoka's middle school. She is recognized as an attentive good sister. She is an active magical girl who signed Kyubey's contract.

If she steps outta line or tries anything funny. I'll punch her lights out!

Just make a contract with me and become a magical girl! Magical messenger that makes a girl's one wish come true.

Simple. I'll just put her dumb, rookie-ass out of commission. Permanently. A magical girl who came from another town, having her eye on Mami's turf. She is always eating something. She is an egoist having no consideration for damage to the people around her.